Racing Pigeons Mechanical Theatre

Local artist Alice Lee collaborated with members of our Shed to create this automated installation based on racing pigeons. Together, we built a mechanical theatre in two parts, one side shows pigeons in training and the other is about race day.

Alice says, “The work is inspired by collective ideas from working with folks from/associated with Norwich Men’s Shed last year (NNF Peregrinations), Jon Day’s ‘Homing’ (the only book I managed to finish reading over lockdown) and my dad who loved pigeons. Also, the correlation between the sport and the shed, how both aim to help relieve feelings of isolation, particularly in men. Special thanks to Steve, Andy and Mike for helping me realise my vision.”

Pigeon Themed Automata designed by Alice Lee

Alice’s automata is on display April 2022 in the window of 20 Elm Hill in Norwich – the automated parts will be switched on from Monday to Saturday (10am til 4pm)