Examples of our work

We have a range of large power tools such as table saws, band saws, radial and crosscut saws, drill presses and conventional hand tools. These enable us to undertake a variety of woodworking tasks that encompass scratch building of custom products according to a customer’s design and/or specifications, including garden furniture, birdboxes, hedgehog houses, cupboards, tables etc.

We can also carry out repairs to damaged items such as wooden toys, furniture (e.g. cupboards, chairs, picture frames etc.) and many other items.

We have regular contributors who are competent to carry out the work themselves, or oversee the work of others who may be able to help out under supervision.

The tools are all available for use by members who wish to carry out their own projects, either using materials they bring along themselves, or using materials provided by the Shed at nominal cost. The Shed carries a large stock of wood that has been salvaged or donated that is generally available for use by all.

We often get customers who drop in on spec, to see if we can, for example, cut a piece of wood to size, maybe shorten the legs on a chair or table, or carry out a quick repair. If it’s a quick job we can do it while you wait. If not, leave contact details and we’ll give let you know when it’s ready. All we ask is a donation toward our work.

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