Stages of some learning projects, working with Kai Holloway

First project - hammering, hot forming and fine work practice.

Second project - cold forming technique and welding practice

This started with some 6mm diameter round bar. The bar was bent into a loop round a simple former in two places, in mirror image. The two loops were then separated by a bend at the bottom of the holder – this was done by eye, simply by bending over a larger diameter former. The two ends were then bent over to accept the ring which will hold the flowerpot.

The ring was formed by slowly and lightly hammering the bar between two round formers. This caused the bar to deform slightly. By feeding the bar round and constantly hammering, the ring soon formed. When the required diameter was reached, then ring was welded closed and then itself welded onto the support arms.

Third project - more complex flower holder

How it was made

Garden mobile

This started with a completely different project in mind. Eventually, a balanced asymmetric wind catcher was developed. The ‘head’ was the result of ‘upsetting’ a heavy steel bar to make the balance weight and the counterbalance ‘tail’ was the result of a test to make a curved taper with the curve in the plane of the diagonals – making it more difficult to hammer and thus develop a different skill.

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