NMS Classes and courses are open all

(Women are accepted for courses after normal Shed hours – generally evenings)

Course fees are notionally £15 per session, but most courses benefit from a semi-structured approach and fees (stated below) are generally required in advance. Exceptionally, and by advance arrangement depending upon circumstance, payment may be made for individual ad-hoc sessions.

Carpentry for beginners

£90 for six weeks, payable in advance.

The course is for those who wish to develop basic carpentry skills. You will produce basic woodworking joints,and learn to safely use various hand and power tools. You will come away with examples of your handiwork – e.g. a step toolbox with integral carrying handle and hinged lids. It’s not as difficult as it sounds!

Wood turning for beginners

£60 for four weeks, payable in advance.

Having first explained safety considerations. The training method is to break down a project into easy stages by demonstrating the use of tools, supporting and advising as needed (3-4 students) until each has fully finished a piece of work to be proud of.


Currently not running, but may resume mid 2019

Basic introduction to welding technology. Very popular with vehicle restorers, artists and general interest learners looking to gain some experience in welding.

Digital photography

Basic introduction to digital photography. Learn the basic controls of your digital camera. This course is currently not running, but may be reintroduced if there is sufficient interest.

Basic electronics

We are considering a new course. This will be an ad-hoc introduction to basic electronics that caters for those who wish to learn the elements of this field. Starting with simple concepts like d.c. (i.e. battery) voltage, resistance and current, it can progress on to more advanced concepts like charging of capacitance, energy stored in an inductor, transformer operation etc. Simple radio and antenna concepts can be introduced, with recommendations being given for more in-depth learning, which can lead to an amateur radio license if required.

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