NMS classes open to both men and women starting late June 2017


Pi-Shed Animations – Starting in December

This will be a one-off afternoon, introduction to animation. This will cover several forms of traditional animation.

It is planned to cover cut-out, claymation and drawn (traditional hand drawn and digital) animations. Also to be covered is the creation of stopmotion using lego, stikbots, and blocks. Rotoscoping, and the use of items such as the zoetrope and flipbook, will also be covered.

Subject to hardware availability, use of software, including Plastic Animation Paper and Storyboard, will be covered for the creation of animation drafts and planning.

The aim will be to give individuals a taste of several forms of animation and hopefully make short animations by the end of the day.

Dependant on the outcome of this session further project-based courses will become available starting early 2018.

Raspberry Pi Introduction – Not currently running

An introduction to what the Raspberry Pi is and what it can be used for. This will be followed by basic software design, programming projects using both Processing language and text (python) methods and an introduction to hardware interfacing.

Carpentry for Beginners

The course is for those who wish to develop basic carpentry skills. You will produce basic woodworking joints, and learn to safely use various hand and power tools.


Woodturning for Beginners

Having first explained safety considerations. The training method is to break down a project into easy stages by demonstrating the use of tools, supporting and advising as needed (3-4 students) until each has fully finished a piece of work to be proud of.


Canoe Construction

Seasonal courses (four sessions) in construction and finishing of a GRP canoe, incorporating the practical skills of general fibreglassing. Well ventilated working area. Safety goggles and rubber gloves provided.



Course will be suitable for all providing both an introduction to more advanced techniques for both hand & machine woodworking. To include accurate use of piler drill, router jigs, marking and cutting  of hand and paired components.



Basic introduction to welding technology. Very popular with vehicle restorers, artists and general interest learners looking to gain some experience in welding.




All courses will be based on demand over a 4 week period (one day a week) at £5 per 2 hour session for members, £10 for non-members.